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Number of License: 50
Price per License: $
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We are very interested in the types of partnerships that aim for



Technological evolution

    - Integration with other software modules and other ii-window technologies

    - New creations; games, physical rehabilitation ..

    - Artistic creation

    - etc.



Strategic development

    - Association on projects

    - Creation of value-added services

    - Chain resale and distribution

    - etc.


If you have a particulary interesting idea that can utilize the ii-window technology, we can discuss and agree to develop the project together. Do not hesitate to tell us about it!



License "ii-window - dev"


This license allows the developer to create as many displays as he wants for his customers.


License per developer: $ 300 .--



License "ii-window - user"


The customer will have to acquire a license "ii-window - user" for each of these displays. The latter can be ordered from its developer who will be commissioned.



License by display


from  1 - 10 displays  180 .-- $

from 11 - 30 displays  150 .-- $

from 31 - 90 displays  100 .-- $

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